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Created September 25th, 2011.

A brand new place for fans of Chris Brown to support, discuss, share and see new things about him!

* You don't have to be a member to view entries
* If you want to comment, you need to be a member, though!
* You don't have to be approved as a member
* Tagging is left to moderators
* Rules are simple to follow, ask questions if you're confused
* Do not abuse the rules or you will be warned & eventually banned


- You MUST be a fan of Chris Brown. No bashing of him, other members and especially not moderators. Absolutely no talk of "woman beaters"! This community isn't here for that.

- You may post anything related to Chris just as long as it includes him in it. You may post downloads (music, even leaks), graphics, discussion posts, news, experiences, anything you feel belongs.

- If posting photos or videos from another website, including YouTube, always include a source (a link to it). Some videos don't show up for everyone!

- You don't have to post, but comments are nice. Participate!

- Check back before you post so that you won't post something a second time.

- If you're posting multiple videos or photos, or lots of text, put it behind an LJ-cut. If there is a photo outside of a cut that is too large, resize it as to not mess up the layout! You will be asked to fix it and if you don't, your post may be deleted.

- Check the tags if you're looking for something, ask if you can't find whatever it is.

- No promotion of other communities, unless it's related to Chris or a friend of his, like Tyga for instance.

- For image hosts, try imgur. For media hosts, try mediafire (if under 200MB) or sendspace.

- If you have any other questions, contact the moderator through a message.

- Have fun!

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